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Stu Farish - Moderator/Webmaster
News & Politics Forum

I'm a software developer, been at that since 1982. Prior to that I was in computer operations in
the Air Force. I currently write object-oriented programs in C++/C# for Windows 7 platforms.

I'm primarily a big game hunter, mostly deer, but also enjoy predator, varmint, small game and bird hunting. Having relocated to Mobile, Alabama, I'm looking forward to tapping into the local predator hunting action. We have plenty of fox, coyotes and bobcats in the area, as well as deer, turkey and hogs on the big game side. I have a grown stepson who lives in TN and doesn't get to hunt enough, and a daughter who hunts on occassion.

I am what could be called a Constitutional Constructionist and I get real annoyed with people who want to ignore the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. I am constantly engaged in combating such people. I'd me mighty pleased to have your help.

I moderate the Second Amendment and News & Politics forums.

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