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Predator Masters defines personal information as any data that allows a Predator Masters member to be identified. This definition is quite broad and includes, computer IP addresses. We strictly limit all collection and use of members personal information to well-defined and stated purpose and make every effort to notify our members or our practices and their options in that regard. All personal data is accessed ONLY by authorized Predator Master personnel and on a need to know basis. We NEVER share member data with third parties, or keep for longer than necessary unless members consent or direct us to do so, or unless required by law. Predator Master Account Creation Members must enter a valid e-mail address in order to create a user account with Predator Masters. Members must also choose a "user name" and "password". Once an account is created, the member will receive an e-mail from Predator Masters notifying them of account creation. A temporary password will also be included. Passwords may be changed at a later time by member. We require e-mail addresses to allow members to automatically retrieve forgotten passwords. E-mail addresses may also be used to periodically notify members of changes to website features or news and announcements deemed important by Predator Masters Administration. E-mail sent out for notification in these instances will be done so in a manner where members e-mail addresses will not be seen by unauthorized personnel.


Predator Master does utilize "cookies" to identify repeat users. These cookies are automatically sent to your computer and stored in your temporary internet files. These cookies are necessary for identification when visiting Predator Masters and for automatically updating your visits. These cookies have no other value other than what is stated. You may as an option set your browser to update you on cookie acceptance or to disregard cookies altogether. This can be done through the "Internet Options" dropdown menu of your internet browser (IE). Cookies sent by Predator Master will not harm your computer.


Within Predator Master Because Predator Master wants your website experience to be as informationally rich as possible, we provide members with a number of links to third party-sites, such as vendors of hunting accessories, informational web sites and websites for organizations involved in your hunting and shooting rights. To the extent possible, we try and clearly distinguish external from internal hyperlinks, and to only provide links to third-party websites that have, at a minimum, a posted and easily accessed privacy policy. Nonetheless, we assume no responsibility for the information practices of websites a user is able to access though ours, and strongly encourage all members to review the privacy policies and statements of all externally-linked websites.

Changing And Deleting Personal Information

As a matter of policy, Predator Masters collects and stores as little personal information on members as possible. Each member has the right of access to personal data they have submitted though Predator Master websites. This can be done through the "preferences" and "profile" interfaces within the bulletin board. It must be noted, that in order to access this information, proof of identity must be submitted. To avoid fraud and mischief, proof of identity will be required to make changes to your personal information. It is important to keep your e-mail address current while a member of Predator Masters. If a request for password information is requested by a member and the e-mail provided at sign-up is no longer current, the member may have to sign up for a new account. Predator Masters reserves the right to make changes to its Privacy Policy at any time. It is advisable for members to periodically revisit this policy.

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