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Mo (SnowmanMo)

I started competitively shooting when I was 10 years old competing in small bore competitions in the Boy Scouts and NRA competitions. But I was raised fishing and logging. I got into hunting when I was in college at 18. With no one to teach me I had to teach myself about the in's and out's of hunting.

I hunted small game in AZ then deer/elk in Washington State when I graduated school. I relocated back to AZ in 2000 where a friend introduced me to predator hunting in 2003. I also got heavily into competitive shooting in a multitude of disciplines like tactical pistol, rifle, shotgun, long range precision rifle, trap, skeet, 2 and 3 gun.

I started working on and building guns first as a hobby then as a part time job with a small manufacturer. I started my rifle building business 3 years ago. I am a certified NRA instructor in pistol, rifle and shotgun as well as a range officer and chief range officer. I am an instructor by trade, training Cummins generator technicians by day, and building rifles when I can. I have also been a licensed guide in AZ.

I currently live in AZ, I have a 22 year old daughter and I am married. I mainly hunt foxes and bobcats during the winter months for fur and coyotes the rest of the year. I have hunted deer, elk, bear and javelina in AZ.

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