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OldTurtle (Bill Tinsley)

I live in East Central Florida, near the Kennedy Space Center, having moved here from Central Missouri three years ago.

I spent 28 years in Law Enforcement, much of it as a Certified Police Firearms Instructor and member of the Pistol Team, having shot in numerous regional and national police competitions.

After my retirement in 1981, I had a small corporation that was an umbrella for about five businesses, one of which was involving Private Investigations and another was a Bed & Breakfast. I also competed with firearms around the country as a civilian in handgun and 3-gun matches after retirement.

I used to be an avid small game hunter when growing up, and when retiring, moved back to my home town in Central MO and found a marked decrease in small game and that got me into Predator Hunting. While I will never be making a claim as a 'great' hunter, I have picked up a lot of information and proven methods from this site.

I am also a 30+ year member of the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club and have traveled all 48 states and 2 Provinces of Canada on two wheels.

Predator Masters has been very good to me and when asked to be a Moderator, I felt it was a small way to pay back for all the help I received. I'm always willing to help with a problem if I can.

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