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Jason Chaparro/Jason El Paso
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Some years back my best friend Jon Buchynsky introduced me into the sport of predator calling. Jon has been my mentor and best friend for many years. I prefer to use hand calls. With hand calls, you have the ability to make the sound of the injured prey really come to life, depending of course on the amount of practice and heart you give each instance. I've been very fortunate in obtaining calls from some of the leading manufacturers in the predator call market and have just recently started to make my own, an art in its own right.

Don't get me wrong; I use electronic callers as well. I do get tired occasionally with using my own wind and fire up my Johnny Stewart and Predator Extreme callers. I've also been fortunate to use these calls in many parts of the US, including Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Nebraska.

I've been a member of Predator Masters since its birth. Will Craig approached me one day and asked if I'd be interested. Knowing Will's vision and expertise in predator calling, I immediately agreed. I've met and become friends with many of our members and moderators. In closing, I'd like to say Predator Masters is proud to have you join forces with us. We have many great plans in store for our members but our goals cannot be realized without your personal support. I know we have some new members just lurking in the shadows and haven't posted a message yet.

I'd like to welcome you all! Don't be afraid to jump right in and get in on the fun. Don't know what to say? How about just starting off by introducing yourself to us?
Got any questions or comments?
Fire away!
Enjoy yourself....
Keep the wind in your face and good calling to you...


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