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Hi, My name is Kerry Carver.

I have been Married for 28 years to my high school sweetheart, Kim, we have 2 children Candice and Casey.

My passion for coyote hunting started in 1974 when my best friends dad took us dogging coyotes, I was hooked for life!! He was a government trapper.

Me and my son Casey have had some of our most memorable times coyote hunting.. He is the best partner a guy could ask for.. Weather we get anything or not we always have a great time.. I started call building in the mid 70's for myself and friends. My son Casey is starting to help the old man out in the shop and spin a few..

My second passion is building cars.. Myself and Kim have built from the ground up 2 cars and 3 trucks.. I have been a proud member of Predator Masters since 2006

Thanks Kerry

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